Rebuilding Steward JCT

The water damage to the basement and the layout caused problems at Steward Jct. I really did not like the layout (first part of building th Q around Rochelle). So, I rearranged the track at Steward Jct. Steward Jct is really the entracnace to staging as is not intended to be part of the visible model but all trains eastward through Rochelle end up in east staging and therefore must transit STJ. The original layout had Main 2 (eastbound) closing up at the west limit of STJ and the the MILW immediately branching off with tthree staging tracks. The  MILW switches were Atlas No 6’s that were innapropriate for my equipment. 

My son, Jon, modified one of the switches because some of my engines stalled across the two switches when both front and back trucks were on frogs at the same time. I decided to change the junctions from:


________/                                  \__________




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